Sodium Meta Silicate :    
  Sodium Meta Silicate Na2SiO3 can be synthesized various degrees of hydration .This very alkali substance is formed by combining and melting sodium carbonate with silicon dioxide. To it reacts with acid to produce silica gel..
  Na2CO3 + SiO2 ‘ Na2SiO3 + CO2
  Sodium Meta silicate has hundred of uses. Many of the its related to sealant properties. Although stable in alkaline and neutral environment. It reacts with acid to produce silica gel.
Formula: SiO3Na2-5H2O
Mol. Wt. – 212.74
Physical State – white granuales
Solubity – soluble in water
Flash Point – not consider red to be a fire hazard
Stability – stable in ordinary condition
Appeance – white granual
  Cements and Binders:
  With a loss of a little sodium Meta silicate becomes an excellent cement / binding agent. Especially for highest temperature applications or application evolving exposure to water or acid.
  Pulp and Paper :
  Sodium Meta Silicate mainly used in pulp and paper industries. It is used in sizing and coating the paper
  Detergent Industries.
  Pulp and Paper:
  Our principle use of sodium meta silicate is in the pulp and paper industries. It is used in sizing and coating paper. It is also used, coupled with hydrogen peroxide, in the cellulose bleaching process ,In which it acts as a buffer and stabilizing agent.
  Soaps and Detergents:
  Due to a combination of excellent properties, including good emulsifying and suspension properties.along with reserve alkalinity sodium meta silicate is finding used in soaps and detergents, including those for automatic dish washing.
  also used in Ceramic Industries, Agriculture Coating, elastomers and disinfection agents.
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