Sodium Silicate :
  We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of various superior quality silicates.
  We manufacture Sodium Silicate of two grades Alkaline and Neutral, in both the forms.
  • Sodium Silicate Liquid
  • Sodium Silicate Solid

Sodium silicate solid (cullet) is produced with Furnace process by fusing Silica sand / Quartz with Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) at temperatures above 1350 C and is available in Glass, anhydrous and hydrated grades.


Sodium Silicate (Alkaline /Neutral) and Sodium Meta Silicate used in various applications like

Detergents Industries
Precipitated silica,
Silica gel,
Textile Industries
Paper Industries (Paper de-inking)
pH maintaining agent,
Strengthening agent in recycled paper,
Cement Industries
Drilling mud for Oil wells,
Foundry Industries
Welding electrode,
water treatment,
Anti corrosive agent,
Egg preservation,
Paints and others.
  manufactures products in the below mentioned range.
Sodium Silicate Alkaline Grade Solid Glass
Wt. Ratio of Na2O : SiO2  1:1.7 to 2.8
Total Soluble Solids         –  99% min
Na2O                               –  26 to
34% ,  SiO2                     65 to 73%
Sodium Silicate Liquid Alkaline Grade
Wt. Ratio of Na2O : SiO2   1:1.7 to 2.8
Specific Gravity               38 to 60º Be
Total Soluble Solids    34 to 55%
Na2O           9 to 18%
SiO2         25 to 37%
Sodium Silicate Neutral Grade Solid Glass
Wt. Ratio of Na2O : SiO2  1:2.9 to 3.3
Total Soluble Solids    98.5% min
Na2O                                23 to 25%
SiO2                             73 to 76%
Sodium Silicate Liquid Neutral Grade
Wt. Ratio of Na2O : SiO2  1:2.9 to 3.3
Specific Gravity      20 to 42º Be
Total Soluble Solids    18 to 39%
Na2O                                4 to 10%
SiO2                             12 to 30%
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